Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yes, No, Maybe So

Our athletic girl was going through serious "Volleyball Withdrawal" and so she went out for the flag football team.

This is what happened next:

The doctor in the emergency room suspected she might have cracked her fifth metacarpal bone--the one in the palm of her hand between her pinky finger and her wrist.  We needed to go to an orthopedist to find out for sure and what to do from there.

The answer:  there's no visible fracture unless you take the growth plate into account.  Since there is a line there anyway, there's no way to tell for certain if it's broken or not.  She's bruised and hurting and so, for at least another week or two, they are treating her as if it is broken.

As for football?  Well, it's a waiting game now.

Tomorrow, I'll have more fun pictures to share--positive, but cold ones.  Brrrr!

Until then, may your creative time be safe and warm.

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TonyaKaye said...

Oh No! Hopefully they find all is well.