Monday, February 16, 2015

Call Them Back

Sorry, I haven't been around here much.  It's been busy and, even, a bit overwhelming.  More later on all of that.

Today, I have a bit of advice for you today.  Call them back!

Yep!  When you have had enough of that annoying telemarketer, call them back.  You have junk sitting around the house that you want to get rid of, right?  Old clothes?  Broken power tools?  Hey, even yard clippings and trash from your kitchen?  Yep, offer to sell them some of it or even all of it.  Hey, you know you can even make a list of all that junk and just keep talking and talking about it.  When they have finally had enough of listening to you, remind them of how many times you have asked them not to call you again and then, once more, insist that they stop calling you.

Yes, I know there is a national registry called the Do Not Call List.  You and I both know that is not very effective for some of these people.  And, yes, you can and should file a complaint with the FCC.  They, like any government agency, are slow but they are effective.  But, let's face it, neither of those previous options are as fun as offering to sell your used stuff and garbage.

Now, there is another place where the "Call Them Back" advice comes in handy.  The prank phone call.

I actually got one of those today from friends of our son.  At the time, I did not know it was them.  You see, one of his friends had my number from when we went to a concert months ago and they used her phone but I did not have her number in my contacts.  Also, the content of what they told me, I am sure they thought would be funny; however, it wasn't funny, but rather, offensive and rude.

So, guess what I did?  You betcha!  I called them back.  The first time they actually answered the phone.  I calmly informed them of the illegality of their actions and told them I would be filing a complaint with the FCC.  Click.

And I called them back again.  They did not answer, so I left a message and explained what an FCC complaint could mean and I wished they would have fun explaining to their parents why the FCC was contacting them.  LOL!

Oh, but I didn't stop there.  Yep, I called them back again!  Yes, a third time.  This time I told them they messed with the wrong person because I had nothing more fun to do all day but keep calling them back again, and again, and again.

At this point, I received a text from my son on his own phone.  He was apologizing for his friends' behavior and begging me not to call the police.  LOL!  He was in the bathroom when they had called me and he couldn't warn them that I would be calling them back.  I'm guessing they won't be prank calling me again.

Until next time, may your creative time be filled with fun and may you not need to call them back.

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