Monday, September 8, 2014

Part II

I am not a superstitious person. Really!  I'm not.  Yet they say things come in threes.  We definitely do not need that!

Remember the scary day from last week, when our son's school was on lockdown because a student brought a knife to school?  Well, fast forward to this week-end.

The hubby took the kiddos camping with our son's Boy Scout troop.  They went to a public camp ground where they could go tubing on a clear, cool river.

Well, Saturday evening, as they were preparing dinner, armed sheriff's deputies came storming into camp with their weapons drawn and chased everyone into the woods.  They didn't have time to grab anything and barely had enough time to shut off the propane stove so dinner wouldn't burn.

It turned out that some campers had too much to drink and their family dynamics devolved into a domestic violence/hostage situation.  So, the leaders had to keep all the kiddos both entertained and out in the woods for a few hours.

Again, everyone was safe and we are very grateful for that.  Yet, enough already!  Uncle!  This can stop now.  I think we all have had enough of that kind of excitement.

As for my excitement, I stayed home and scrapped this week-end.  My layout is almost done.  I hope to share pictures of it really soon.  It has also led to another new file that is still in the works.  It's a fun and useful one that I can't wait to finish.

So, make sure you come back to see the best kind of excitement--the creative and peaceful kind.

Until next time, may your creative time be safe and fun!

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