Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Scary Day

I have to start this post with a note of deep gratitude and a bit of praise for the employees at our son's school.  I am very grateful everyone is safe and that the staff acted quickly and responsibly.  I am also grateful the sheriff's department came out en masse--with an estimated 100 deputies.

Yes, our oldest spent 5 hours locked in a dark, windowless classroom where they had to remain quiet and keep the lights turned off because a student brought a large knife and bullets (but no gun) to school and threatened another student. Fortunately, no one got hurt.  They locked down the school and proceeded to search the entire building to make sure there were no other weapons in the school.

I am so very grateful everyone is okay.  I am also so sad that the world has come to this and that the student felt he had to bring the knife to school in the first place.  I am praying for this student and his family as well.  I hope they all get the help they obviously need and that whatever situation that led up to this can also be resolved.

Anyway, if you are inclined to pray, can you please add a few for not only my son's school and the people involved but for our entire country?  I'd appreciate it.

Until next time, may your creative time be peaceful.


Renae said...

So sorry to hear about your son's school. As you know, I can really relate after living thru 12/13/13 with my daughter at Arapahoe HS. I pray for our world. This seems to be happening with every increasing frequency and it scares me. Why are our children thinking they have to resort to such violence to solve their troubles. Many prayers for peace going your way.

scrapn said...

I think this is every parents nightmare these days. I live in fear of something like this happening all the time. Someone in our school terrorized the school for several months & I believe they finally caught who was writing all the bomb threats & arrested them. What possesses kids to do these horrible acts in the first place?
I am glad your son is OK & that no one was hurt.
Prayers are with you.

Anna said...

Hugs and Thank God all is ok. Scary world we live in and it seems it is only getting worse.

TonyaKaye said...

We just went through this yesterday (Thursday) here in Kansas City area at one of our junior college. Scary.