Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New Layout

I have pictures to share today!  Can you tell I am excited?

After much thought and waffling back and forth, I have stepped into the world of pocket scrapbooking, otherwise called Project Life.  I'm not giving up traditional scrapbooking.  I promise.  I just thought this would be fun too.  And it is!

Here is my first layout:

I haven't finished the card on the top left corner yet but I will do that soon.  I just hadn't decided to go by dates or weeks and, since I started in September, dates seem to make more sense to me.

I did learn something from doing this.  I don't think these little details would have made it into my traditional albums--like what I've been reading or our daughter's sneaky streak.  If you can't read the journaling, the picture in the middle at the bottom of the page is our thermometer on her hair straightener.  She used both together to try to fake a fever so she could stay home from school.  Guess who went to school anyway?!?!?!  LOL!  Now don't you think that is scrapbook worthy?

So, my albums will probably be a mix of pocket pages and full sized layouts from now on.  And now I have even more reasons to use my journalers series.  Hmm!  I'm thinking some more of those are in order now too.  Does that sound like fun to you?

Until next time, may your day include something scrapbook worthy and your creative time be filled with fun.

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