Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who Knew?

Who knew that getting school supplies could be such a big ordeal?

Okay, sorry to make you spew, but seriously, it's school supplies!!!

Yes, I know everyone wants their lists all checked off at the same time and stores are usually over the top in willing to fill those needs.  So, other than maybe a crowd, there shouldn't be a problem right?

Wrong.  First, the school will not provide the entire list before the tax-free shopping holiday the state gives us.  So, the first shopping trip is a basic guess on what will be needed.  That guess, of course, ALWAYS comes up short.

Yep, the organized teachers give out more accurate lists at open house so that's one more trip to the store for all the stuff we didn't guess at the first time around.

Oh, but then there are the disorganized teachers who don't give a list until after you've already gone to the store twice.  But, that's not all--one of these teachers wants ridiculously specific supplies.  You know--like four 100 page spiral college ruled notebooks with interior pockets.  Seriously?!!!

And, if that wasn't enough, there's the last minute schedule change that results in yet one more list of miscellaneous stuff to get at the store--just when the store has already run out of the things on that list.

So, what's your week been like?

I will say this week has not been totally frustrating.  I have been enjoying some quiet designing time.  It's been fun but you'll just have to wait to see my new goodies.

Until then, may your creative time be filled with bliss!


Vicki said...

Thank you for a chuckle today, Ileana! My daughter is far past the age of needing school supplies, thank God, but I do remember the chaos!

Anonymous said...

I can completely sympathize withe the whole school supply fiasco..UGH!! This is why I do not like the beginning of school.

-Elizabeth (scramper75)