Friday, August 23, 2013

Frilly Floral Frame & Card

I promised you a little surprise and I always keep my promises!

But first, don't forget that ALL my files and collections are on sale right now for 60% OFF.  That is HUGE.  Plus, IF I decide to sell my files elsewhere, they won't all be available.  So grab your bargains right here before they are all gone forever.

Now for your surprise.

Frilly Floral Frame & Card

It's a frame for a 4"x6" photo but it's also a 5"x7" card front and card.  How cool is that?

While this file is offered freely here, it is still governed by my Terms of Use.  Thank you so very much for recommending my blog to your friends.  I really appreciate it.

The password is iagreetoISDtou and the link is here.  This link will expire on Sunday.

Until next time, may your creative time be blissful and Happy Shopping!


Anna said...

Thank you so much. My heart is sad over this :(

Vicki said...

Thank you, Ileana. Your files are always so beautiful!