Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day of Firsts

Today is one of those first days.  Yes, it is the first day of the new school year for my kiddos.  See:

It's also the first day they are in the same school and on the same schedule.  Yay!  Just one get up time and just one out the door deadline.  It's also the first time I have not had to drive one of them to school (or preschool) in ten years!  Yes, they both walk up to the corner to get on the same school bus at the same time.  Yay!

Next year, though, the game changes again with different schools, different schedules and different modes of transportation.  Ah, but we're going to get one beautiful year from start to finish and that is a really good thing.

May you be blessed with a great year too and with fun creative bliss as well.


Deb C said...

oh Ileana

They look so grown up
Enjoy this year and lots of creative time for you.

So nice of them to let Mom take their picture too - love the one walking down the street

The kids here do not start school until after Labour Day

Renae said...

Congratulations. I can relate. My kids were in the same school for only one year, but I still did not have it as nice as you because one was in half day kindergarten and the other in 5th grade. So they came home together, but had two different leaving times.

So enjoy while you can!

Caroline said...

look how much they've grown! Great picture of them both!

Esther W-B said...

Thanks for sharing these pics. Your kids look so grown up!