Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary

What a fun week-end!  With all the fun, games, sales, and free files, the 4th Anniversary of VDBC is certainly hopping.

All my files are 45% off right now.  This sale ends soon and there will not be another big one like this for a long time.  So, make sure you grab your bargains now.

Time is also running out for the huge Holiday Grab Bag.

This is a fantastic steal at $10.  That's $.63 a file!  Pick yours up here and then get in on the Grab Bag Challenge here.

I have LOTS of other fun ways to win fabulous prizes here and there are even more here.

And here's today's free file:

While this file is offered freely here, it is still governed by my Terms of Use.  Thank you so much for recommending my blog to your friends so that they may download the file for themselves.  It's much appreciated.

The password is iagreetoISDtou and it is available here but this link will expire tomorrow when it will be replaced with another fun free file.

Sorry, this link has expired.  Please look for this and other pretty free files in the 
section of the VDBC Store.
May your week-end be filled with amazing creative bliss.


snowdraak said...

Thank you for the great file!

hrk_md said...

Thanks for the great file and all the great files over the year. Unfortunately won't get to play much as planned cause we have to get ready for Sandy. Happy Anniversary

Renae said...

This is beautiful. I love the flourish with it. However I can't get the password to work to download it. :(

Karee Sue said...

Thanks for the file, will come in handy, now to just find time to use it, lol

Kelly S said...

Beautiful file, Ileana. Thanks!!! I am having a blast over at the VDBC anniversary party today.