Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two New Files

Wahoozles! I have pictures to share.

Here is what I made for the Lightning Fast KNK Swap: Moms!:

I had fun making this file and I can promise you my mom will be receiving this card in the very near future. (Did I mention she is coming here next week? Eeeek! I have lots to do to get ready for that. Concentrating on breathing slowly now.)

The next file is based on one of those Things that make you go "Hmm." Seriously. Have you ever thought about our expressions? I mean really thought about them and where they came from or why we use them?

Here, take a look and see for yourself:

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for another fun free file. (Nope, neither of these shown today are it.)

Until then, Happy Creative Time!


jzayler said...

Rub it in - I'm sitting here at work and you're bragging about smokin' your die cutter. It's just not fair! ha-ha I love the files! The card is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love that The Last Thing I was good for my laugh for the day. And so true, especially for my kids............... Gina