Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Never Happened!

Today is Proposal Day and I'm going to lay it out there. Yep, I'm actually going to share our proposal story. And, just why is it going out there? Well, it technically never happened. I'm not kidding!

My husband and I had been married for sixs months when we were watching the news and there was a story about how this guy proposed to his girlfriend. I remember it was very sweet and romantic. And then, it made me think. Hmm. And then, it hit me. My husband NEVER proposed to me!

Seriously! He never actually asked me to marry him. No roses. No getting down on one knee. No skywriting. Nothing. So, just how did we get to the "I-do's?"

Well, when we met, we both owned our own homes on the opposite ends of Phoenix. We had been dating for a while when he asked me, "If we were to get married, would you mind selling your house?" (Being an environmental engineer, he knew there was a toxic plume contaminating the ground water below Phoenix and it was quickly approaching my property.)

As our relationship progressed, the conversations went from "If we get married . . ." to "When we get married . . ." to planning the wedding without ever stopping to ask, "Will you marry me?"

So, there you have it. My non-proposal story. LOL!

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!


jzayler said...

I love it! It just shows that you guys belonged together. You were so comfortable with each other there was no need to ask "IF?" you'd marry him, he knew the answer.

Anonymous said...

Cute story. My hubby wrote me a note asking me to marry him. He also said he wanted to live the rest of his life with me and my dog, that he loved us and couldn't imagine his life without us. Funny thing is he left the note, the ring box on the bar/counter and went to the bathroom. Not sure if he was nervous or afraid.


Elizabeth said...

I feel your pain, I was never proposed to either and heck I never had a "real" wedding, just went to the court house and said "I do". Heck, it sounds as though you two were meant for each other anyway ;)

Margie said...

That's so funny! I thought I was the only one in the world that that had happened to! My husband just started referring to me as his fiance one day...