Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Florida Aquarium

If the measure of a successful day is how tired you are at the end of it, then this day was a complete success. If it's how much fun you had, then this day was a complete success. If it's the amount of quality time spent with one you love, then this day was a complete success.

All the kids had a blast on the field trip to the aquarium. I've asked my daughter several times to see what was the best part of the day for her. I did this to see if her answer would change but nope. Her absolute favorite part of the whole day was "When the huge stingray whacked me with its tail!" LOL!

They have a two touch pools at the Florida Aquarium. One has a variety of rays and sharks and the other has sea stars and anenomes. By far, these two exhibits were my daughter's favorites. If she can get in there and touch or feed a critter, she is one happy camper. So, getting whacked by a huge ray was right up her alley.

Here's some shots from today. This is Ilaria touching the starfish.

This is Ilaria sitting in a shell.

And here's a shot of two fish kissing. Well, they aren't actually kissing. They're fighting. They are territorial and this is the "I'm bigger than you" contest.

My favorite part of the day: watching my youngest have fun. There was not one moment in it that wasn't worth it! So, yes, this day was completely successful.

Happy Scrapping!

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