Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know today is Hug a GI Day and Holy Experiment Day? Okay, I get the Hug a GI Day. I even have one nearby. LOL! Sorry, ladies, he's mine. I'll gladly share my files, my help, my support but not my husband. LOL! You'll have to find your own GI to hug today.

I didn't quite get the Holy Experiment Day until I did a bit of research. This is what I found:

Holy Experiment Day
When : Always March 4th
Holy Experiment Day is a day to try something religious. It is a chance to try something, or ask for something, and to measure the results. There are a lot of things that can be viewed as religious or holy experiments. Some examples could be:

Pray for someone to get better
Pray for snow
Pray for your team to win the superbowl
Pray someone will ask you on a date
Try saying grace at dinner and see if others join you
Try to get a person to attend religious services
Plan to convert someone to your religion

In our examples above, God may grant all, some, or none of the desired results. He may be too busy with the problems of the world to make it snow. He definitely doesn't have a favorite sports team. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, he has his own plans for an outcome that we may not understand.

We don't want to discourage holy experiments. Quite the opposite, we think they are good. We just believe you shouldn't judge the results. Your religious beliefs will be strengthened and you will be closer to God. So, participate in Holy Experiment Day to its fullest.

So, how about it? What will be your Holy Experiment today?

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Tonya said...

Ok, how about you giving your GI a hug for each one of us!!!