Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In, At, or On?

What is it about being away from something that makes you forget the reality of the thing? I'm specifically talking about teach the nuances of English.

I get a lot of satisfaction from teaching English to people who speak other languages. It's a very worthwhile thing to do and I love it. Yet, after I've been away from it for a while, I forget just how hard it really is.

You would think three simple little words wouldn't be hard. "In," "at," and "on." All three of them have just two scrawny little letters. When you or I are reading them in sentences, we barely even notice they are there. They make perfect sense to us and we don't even have to think about when to use which. They should be easy, right?

Oh, but they aren't! Think about it. We ride "in" a car but "on" an airplane. Why is that? Why is it you can say your child is "in" the classroom but never say he's "at" the classroom?

Phew! I was tired after last nights' session! Yet, I think they get the differences now plus they know what it means to be the squeaky wheel. LOL! Yes, I'll be teaching two nights a week very soon.

Happy Scrapping!

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