Monday, November 10, 2008

A Quick Sale

I am having a quick sale tomorrow: 33% off all my files. Have fun shopping!

We had a nice week-end and I am so excited to be looking at a busy but relatively easy week at least in my role as Mom and Taxi Driver. You see, the kids don't have school tomorrow for Veterans' Day. Then, Wednesday, they have a half day off for the opening of Novemberfest and they also get all of Friday off for it too. So, that's 3 days I don't have to pack lunches and 2 days I don't have to set the alarm and go through the whole "Get Up and Get Moving" Routine. Woo Hoo!

Novemberfest is a carnival. It is our parish's and our school's major fund-raiser for the whole year. I'm told that it's the third largest event in the county behind the State Fair and the Strawberry Festival.

I know my kids are excited. They absolutely love rides! They get that from their dad. As for me, I'll be staying on the ground waiting for them at the exit of each ride. I just don't care for the feeling that I'm about to lose my lunch. No, thank you! I'll get pictures and scrap them having fun instead.

Happy Scrapping!

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