Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Otra vez, eseñará ingles.

Yes, once again, I am finding myself teaching. I am pleased to do it because it is an expression of gratitude for all our blessings. I'm just surprised that this is happening again so soon after moving here.

I knew, without a doubt, when I decided to minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, that I would always find a job. There will always be a need for someone in my field. I also know that this is a gift. A gift to me and to my students and this is just one of those gifts that has to be opened and used.

So, when I learned that my parish was wanting to offer ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to adults but didn't know how they would go about doing that, I just knew I had to speak up. I couldn't remain anonymous any longer and I let our pastor know that I have experience in that area. Of course, he couldn't let that one pass by him.

The details aren't quite solidified but I am to lead an informational meeting in a couple of weeks and start teaching in January. It's an exciting opportunity but a scary one as well. First, my Spanish is a bit rusty and I'm fairly certain I'll be having to teach without materials again. Oh, but the possibilities . . .

This is one more time in my life where I must rely on faith and trust that He will provide. He's the one who gave me this gift in the first place, right?!

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Sandra from NC said...

That's awesome Ileana! It's wonderful that you will get to use your gift.