Monday, October 20, 2008

We're Back and So are the Rays

We're home! Camping was fun. The kids had a blast and my son's den accomplished a lot towards their badges. My daughter had non-stop fun playing with her friends too.

To me, though, it seems like it has been forever since we've had the normal routine of school. I just could not get back into the swing of things today. What's up with that? We were only gone for less than 3 days.

But, look at the Rays! They're certainly back in the swing of things. I knew they could do it. Now, they just have to finish it.

Rays fever sure has caught on around here. The kids even had a Rays dress-down day today. Both kids made their own Rays shirt and my son even insisted on having a Rayhawk. He definitely thinks it's cool and is pretty sad that he has to go back to his normal hairstyle tomorrow. I'm sure, though, that they'll be having another Rays Day at school again soon.

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