Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting Ready

We've started to get ready for this week-end. We're going to go camping with the whole pack of Boy Scouts.

I haven't been camping in a tent since our BC years--Before Children. We also used to take my 6th grade students camping but that was at a YMCA camp with cabins, bathrooms, and showers. My oldest even went with us when he was about 7 months old. We spent months planning for those trips and kept those kids busy from the time they woke up until it was time to go to sleep! We had all sorts of classes for them. I even had my husband teaching!

He taught Wilderness Survival. You know, how to survive if you're stranded anywhere, anytime. Since that was in the desert of Arizona, a lot of attention was given to getting water and then food. The primary source of food: bugs. And yes, my husband made them eat them for real. I'm not kidding. Granted, the kids were rewarded for doing so. They each got a homework pass for eating one pillbug or rolypoly. For eating a grub, they got a Snicker's bar.

Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing more disgusting that watching a kid eat a grub. You see, we didn't let them just swallow it. They had to chew it and prove they were doing it too! The grub was plump and white when it went in but it looked slimy and green as he chewed it. ("Eew!" is an understatement!)

So, since my husband is going to be teaching this again this week-end, it should be interesting. So far, we've gotten the reputation of jumping in with both feet when it comes to involvement and volunteering at the school and parish. I'm sure we'll be very well known before long.

So, are you ready for a little snack? I promise to make sure my husband picks off the pinchers and stingers first.

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