Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A New Vehicle and Conferences Too

Well, we cleaned out the Pathfinder and precariously drove it all the way to St. Petersburg this morning. It had reached the point where it needed far more in repairs than what it was worth. Honestly, I was afraid we wouldn't make it to the dealership but the duct tape held. Just kidding. It wasn't in that bad of shape . . . close but not quite.

In it's place, we now have a brand new Jeep Liberty sitting in our driveway. We also stopped by the Air Force Base and did a little shopping and then booked it back across town to make it to school just in time to pick up our kiddos and attend their parent-teacher conferences.

They are both doing well. I am immensely proud of them and I can't seriously complain about how they are doing in school. I do wish my daughter was doing a little better but she's right on track for her grade level.

It's been a long day and the next two promise to be hopping ones too. We have a big, long week-end to get ready for and I'm sure it will be an exciting one. We're going to need two days just to get ready for it--in more ways than one.

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Lori McDonald said...

So I have to know..... did the buying tip work???

You will love your Jeep Liberty!!!!