Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks & Busy

Thank you for your comments and concern for Miffy. She's doing fine now and is back to her ornery-self. I'm grateful for the links as well. I did check them out and a few other sites as well. I'm still confused about a few things like how do they know dogs are unconscious during a seizure? My husband swears our dog could hear me talking to her and she seemed to relax as I did so.

I have to confess that my kids think I can speak Dog as well as English and Spanish. This started years ago when I told them that she didn't like something they were doing. I've also told them things like "Miffy says you should scratch her instead of petting her." or "Miffy says she would love to have a bite of your hot dog." and, when the need arose, "Miffy says you should go to sleep already because she is tired." LOL!

I've been busy today making more arrangements for our kids for school this year and working on the upcoming newsletter too. Jan is doing a great job once again at pulling this all together. Have you signed up for the newsletter yet? You can check out older issues and sign up here.

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Lori McDonald said...

Now what ab out Spanglish???

I ran into a LOT of that in Puerto Rico!!