Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Beach & Canine Epilepsy

We had a fun day at the beach today. We took some friends from MI who are contemplating moving here. Everyone had a great time. My children are proud of the treasures they found there. I am especially impressed with the crystal my daughter found. It was obviously naturally occurring and I wonder how it arrived on the shore in such good shape. There has to be an underwater cave nearby somewhere.

After the beach, we stopped by the Class 6 store on base and had a sample or two the reps were passing out. That was fun too. LOL! Then we came home and went swimming in our pool.

Miffy, our dog, took on her lifeguarding job again and barked up a storm. She doesn't like any rough-housing and she doesn't like anyone to go to the deep end of the pool. It must have been too much excitement for her and the sunlight on the pool probably didn't help. She had a seizure. This was the worst one she has had in a long time and I felt so helpless. We give her meds every day and it has been controlling the epilepsy so that if and when she had a seizure, it would be very mild and short. This one, however, was almost as bad as the ones she had before the meds.

I'm fairly sure something in her food and treats is causing or at least influencing it. Do any of you have any experience with epilepsy? What do you do?


debenj said...

We been lucky and never had (knock wood) any of our fur kids with Epilepsy.

I did find this site Which maybe helpful to you. It's full of information that is easily understood. Here is another nice site that's loaded with info:

I do hope your little fella will be ok. Deb

ninamerle said...

Our dog started having seizures after an exposure to weed be gone. Our neighbor had sprayed it and when we walked her we did not know they had sprayed. She is 14 years old. Once in a while she has one that last longer than 2 minutes. The longest so far was 7 minutes.
My 19 son who has Cerebal Palsy also has seizures, His are controlled with medication and knock on wood he has not had one for three years. Nina