Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun, Fun and More Fun

I hope all of you had a great Father's Day. We've certainly had fun. My brother and my nephew arrived safely with our Miffy (our baby dog who is not a baby anymore). They got here late Saturday night and we spent a beautiful day together. I even cooked my famous spaghetti.

Today the guys and my daughter went to Busch Gardens. My nephew is 21 and, before today, he had never been on a roller coaster. He loved them!

While they were out riding every ride they could, I was happily here at home playing with my KNK. It was not completely successful but I had fun nonetheless. I still have to figure out how to cut heavy cardstock in heavy humidity. It's like the old saying about fishing: A bad day scrapping (or fishing) still beats a good day at work.

Speaking of fishing, tomorrow we are all getting up at the crack of dark-thirty to go deep sea fishing. I haven't been fishing in about a year and haven't been ocean fishing since before my oldest was born. It should be an exciting day.


debenj said...

Catch a BIG one for me! Enjoy your day :) Good to hear you finally have your little fur baby home.

Paperthreads said...

Try using a blow dryer on the material right before cutting, to get the moisture out...