Friday, June 27, 2008

12.5 Gallons

Twelve and a half gallons! My new little dehumidifier removed 12.5 gallons of water from the air in my home in less than 24 hours. That's a lot of water to be breathing. No wonder I've been having trouble cutting anything. Just imagine if I could sell it at the same price as milk or gasoline! Anybody interested? LOL! Just kidding.

Seriously though, this dehumidifier rocks! I'm glad I could talk my husband into getting it. I reminded him that it was an unreimbursed business expense that I needed to be able to cut my designs. I don't think I could have convinced him to get the whole-house model though. Good luck, Doreen! I am sure you'll love it and can only imagine how sweet that would be once you convince your husband how much cooler the house will be.


Lori McDonald said...

Amazing isn't it!!! I could not cut with out mine at all!!!!

Lori (Aka Beloved Keepsakes)

Doreen said...


I originally proposed getting a single unit "to help cut cooling costs". It was my husband's idea about getting the whole house dehumidifier!! I have to wait until next summer because it is thousands of dollars but that is ok.