Sunday, April 6, 2008

House-Hunting by Kids

If I were to listen to my kids, we’d have about a dozen houses already. Our kids' desired qualities in a house differ a bit from ours but they all start out with:

“I want to buy this house. It has. . .
*a pink bedroom.
*a cute hamster.
*a scrap piece of carpet I can hide under.
*a tire swing.
*a sweet doggie next door.
*a balcony I can use as a diving platform to jump into the pool.
*boys in the neighborhood I can make friends with.
*a friendly kitty.
*lots of girls in the neighborhood I can make friends with.
*a whole box full of Webkinz.
*baby turkey ducks.

Here’s a picture of a “Turkey Duck.”

Our kids started calling them that because they have the body of a duck but the head of a turkey. We’ve asked our realtor what kind of bird it is and she didn’t know. She did tell us that it doesn’t really quack but hisses instead. So maybe the kids need to modify its name. Turkey-Snake-Duck? Cobra-Turkey-Duck? Maybe we should try harder to find out what kind of bird it is.

Since we’re headed to the zoo today, maybe they’ll be able to tell us. We’re also hoping it will help slow down the requests to buy a house based on the critters they find nearby. We can always hope, right?

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