Saturday, April 5, 2008

Moving On

Sure enough, just like all my “nevers,” I shouldn’t have said anything yet about the house.

When we first gave our realtor a list of houses we wanted to look at and she glanced through the MLS numbers and addresses, she kept asking what was wrong with one of the houses—the one we decided to buy. She said the neighborhood was fantastic and wondered what was wrong with it that had kept it on the market so long.

Well, we found out last night what was wrong with it: the sellers. We submitted our offer on Wednesday morning with a deadline of 5:00 pm Thursday. The wife asked for a 24 hour extension because the husband was out of town and was scheduled to return on Thursday afternoon. Okay, that’s fine. A little after 7:00 last night we heard from our realtor. She had just received their unsigned counter-offer with some odd requests to it. She said they hadn’t signed it because the husband was “too tired” and that they might sign it this morning.

Apparently, they’d rather risk going into foreclosure than having a sure sale with a reasonable offer. I understand their feelings and I’ll pray for them but we’ll move on. We do have other houses that are high on our list and we’ll probably make another offer on one of those this weekend.

Have you seen the store lately? Michelle has made some amazing changes. I think it looks awesome. You should really go take a peek.

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Lisa said...

I truly believe there is a reason for everything! You'll find the house you're suppose to have, look back & be thankful you moved on. God always has a plan, and in his timing you'll find your house!
God Bless & Good Luck!