Monday, April 7, 2008

A Falcon and a Crane

To yesterday’s list, I need to add a falcon and a crane. My kids want to buy the house with the falcon and the crane. So does my husband. Honestly, so do I.

Yesterday, we probably looked at a dozen houses. The first one was relatively new and a former model. In spite of the wallpaper and smaller yard, it stayed at the top of our list. We were just about to call it quits and make an offer on that first house when we decided to look at just one more. The last house was much older than the first so we almost didn’t look at it at all but we are all so glad we did. It’s a little smaller than we’d like but other than that, it is absolutely perfect for us.

The house was built in 1986 but has recently been totally remodeled like they do on "Flip This House." Inside, it is absolutely gorgeous and, with the exception of the two bowl-like “vessel” sinks in the master bath, it is so very practical for us. The house just fits us perfectly.

As we were standing in the master bedroom looking out at the back yard, we noticed this gorgeous bird sitting in a tree watching everything. We couldn’t decide whether it was an owl, an osprey, an eagle or a hawk. After about ten minutes, it flew down to the ground in front of us. It was a beautiful falcon and it seemed to enjoy watching us as much as we were watching it. After it flew off, a crane flew in and started fishing in the pond.

We realized that behind what we hope will be our property is a pond, a woods and then a golf course. So even though we’ll be living in suburban Tampa, it will seem like we’re in the country. Add to that, wonderful house, the yard, the pool and the hot tub and I know our family will be happy there.

So, once again, we are going to make an offer this afternoon. I’m fairly certain the owners won’t be too tired to sign the papers this time. Nevertheless, keep praying for us. I can’t wait to make that house our home.

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