Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Busy Day

I’m sorry I didn’t get back here yesterday. It was quite the busy day for us yesterday. Besides needing to move out of the other hotel and into this new one, we also had our house inspection.

I’m happy to say that it passed. There were a few minor things and one “funeral-maker” that needs to be fixed. The “funeral-maker,” as the inspector called it, was a live wire that used to go to an exterior light. They just need to cap the wires.

Now, there is only one more thing that could be a deal-breaker: our insurance company. They want to do a sink-hole survey before they’ll give the go-ahead on the property. Both realtors think it won’t be a problem; it’s just another hurdle for us leap.

Anyway, to thank you for sticking with me, I have a file for you. It's something simple I use to organize my clear stamps.

I cut these out, stamp the images on them and then run them through my Xyron machine with the lamination cartridge. I then store them in a box for photos. You could also use these for recipes, journal blocks or a mini-album. Here are my 4x6 File Dividers. The password is IagreeTOU422. Enjoy!

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I couldn't get the link to work...maybe it already expired?