Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still Moving!

We’re packing—again. We are changing hotels tomorrow. We’ve decided to move to the side of town where our future home is located. Not that this motel is that bad but it is definitely a popular place. Currently we’re really close to Busch Gardens. We’re so close we can hear the coasters if our windows are open during the day. Over the last month, we’ve lived through the entire spring break rotation, basketball’s final four and a cheerleader competition—and the cheerleaders were the loudest and the rowdiest of them all. It is definitely time to move to a quieter hotel. Besides, with a written contract on the house and living closer to our future home, we can enroll our kids in school if we want. We haven’t decided yet if we will do so or not but at least we’ll have the option.

We are so looking forward to living normal lives in a normal house again. Until then, we’re still moving.

And I’m still hoping to have some exciting things ready soon for your cutting pleasure and an extra surprise or two as well.

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