Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog Tips and 4Shared Woes

Please bear with me as I clarify a bit about my files and how this blog is set up. First, let me say that yesterday's link is still active. I checked it and it worked for me.

Also, at this point, I intend to leave "4x6 File Dividers" and "Gone Fishing" up indefinitely. Other files will be joining this list as well. If you look at the side of this blog, you'll see a sub-title, "Labels." Below that you'll see a link for TOU Files, if you click on it, any entry (including this one) with a TOU File in it will appear. Please read the entry so that you can find the password before clicking on the link to the file.

By entering the password and downloading the file, you are agreeing to abide by my Terms Of Use. In short, this means that unless you have made prior arrangements with me, you agree that you will not share or sell the file itself nor will you sell the cut product. Exceptions can be made to this but you must contact me in writing for this.

As for 4Shared, all I can say right now is urgh! It is a wonderful free service but sometimes, it's quite fickle. I am sorry if you ever have issues in downloading one of my files. I promise, I try to make my downloads as easy, convenient and consistent as I can. Please bear with me as I work things out for you. Thanks.

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debenj said...

Clicked onto your Blog and thought I was in the wrong place! Looks nice here and I really like the way you have your slide show set up as a kaleidoscope. Hope your moving is going smoothly...