Saturday, March 15, 2008

We’re spending some time with my parents right now. They are going to be babysitting our youngest family member, Miffy, until we find a house. Miffy is our Spaniel-mix we rescued when she was just a small puppy. When we got her, they said her mom was a black lab. While her littermates were black, there is nothing about her that says “black lab” to me. She thinks water is only for drinking, is much shorter than a lab and other than her nose and two spots on her tongue, she’s not black. Here’s a picture. What do you think?

Regardless of her lineage, we love her very much. She’s very friendly but takes her watch-dog responsibilities very seriously. In other words, she barks A LOT and wouldn’t do well in a motel room for two months. So she’ll be staying here with my parents for a while.

Believe it or not, I took that picture in Battle Creek last Easter. That purple thing is an Easter egg she dug up from our Easter Egg Hunt.

Anyway, as I promised, I’ve got some surprises ready for you. I know I shouldn’t tease you by announcing it before it is officially in the store, but it’s not easy for me to get internet access right now. So please forgive me. Just keep hunting in the store and I’m sure, like Miffy, you’ll find a surprise or two you’ll like.

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