Thursday, March 13, 2008

See Ya Later

My grandmother would never say "Good-bye." It was always, "See you later." Well, today, I know how she felt. Today, we say, "See you later" to Battle Creek. This community has a very special place in our hearts. There is so much we will miss but I know we'll be reminded of our home here every morning at the breakfast table. You see, Battle Creek (a.k.a. Cereal City) is home to Kellogg's, Post and Ralston. So, as you're having your Pop-tarts or Corn Flakes, say a little prayer for us as we get settled into "The Big Guava."

Also, since we'll be visiting a few relatives on our way there and doing a lot of driving as well, my internet access will be sporadic. (Can you believe my parents have 2 computers but NO internet connection?) So, until next time, I'll see you later.

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Paperthreads said...

Best wishes during your cross country journey!