Friday, December 5, 2014

Ouch, but Yay!

Ouch!  Not only did I miss "tomorrow," I now miss my family who came to spend Thanksgiving with us, and I also miss my normal routine.  I moved the wrong way and I couldn't do anything for any length of time--including sitting at a computer.  It's getting better though.

I do have some cool pictures and even a video of our girl playing volleyball.  Her team is now the only undefeated team in the conference!  Yay!

Here she is Back Setting the ball:

And a front Set too:

And here's the whole play:

Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of her spiking the ball.  I was too excited in watching the game.

Oh, and the girl with the teal duct tape number?  Well, there was a mix up in the uniforms and since a team cannot have two players with the same number, her 12 had to be changed to 72.

There are two more regular games next week and then the playoffs begin.  We're all very excited.

And I promise to bring you more creative fun in the near future.

Until then, may your creativity be fun and pain-free!

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