Wednesday, June 4, 2014


You know, I graduated from school many years ago--three different times to be exact.  I thought exams were long gone from my life and very gladly so.  Not!

This week, both kiddos have exams in almost every class.  So, we've been drilling and reviewing and repeating and I can't wait for the tests to be done!

Two more days and we will be on summer vacation!  Now that will be fun.

So, what has been your challenge this week?

Until next time, may your creative time not be testing.


Renae said...

My kids have been out for a couple of weeks. So my challenge this week as been trying to figure out how to get my daughter some money in Germany without a passport and get my youngest up and moving to band camp by 8 am every day.

Good luck with your studies! LOL!

TonyaKaye said...

Time flies for us! I have been out of school for sooooo long. Sounds like your summer will be a fun but busy one.

Patti said...

My New Year's resolution was to have my house organized top to bottom by December 31st, so I'm preparing for a garage sale to be held next week. I'm going through every room of the house and purging it of all the excess things I don't really want or need. I'm feeling a huge relief by just seeing the space I'm going to free up by getting rid of all this stuff! Can't wait until next Sunday when all this stuff will be gone for good!