Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Never Gone

I have a special video for you today.  It's our kiddos performing in the school talent show.

They have not had formal lessons in either voice or piano and are not even in choir in school nor in church.  I think they did a pretty good job.

The song is "Never Gone" by Everfound.  Everfound is a band made up of 4 brothers who were born in Russia.  Being a Christian is not exactly easy there.  In fact, their great uncle spent 20 years in prison for just owning a Bible.

Until next time, may your creative time be filled with peace.

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scrapn said...

You should give Bryce piano lessons, he has a natural talent! That is something that people spend years on perfecting & he just sits down & plays, self taught. don't let that talent go to waste. This is a rare talent he has! So many people would give anything to have that natural talent he does.
Your daughter has a nice voice too. She should get into a choir & develop it further.
I work with a girl who grew up in the Ukraine. She said that the teachers at the school would surround the churches on Sunday & the Christian Holidays & if they caught any of their students going to church, they most likely would be kicked out of school & never be able to go again. And, the parents ran the risk of going to prison.
They didn't celebrate Christmas, Good Friday or Easter at all for fear of being sent to jail.
They had a big new years celebration. Any worshiping they did was in secret & VERY private. What a horrible way to grow up! I can't even fathom that.
She said that they had a huge New Years Celebration & it was very secretly celebrated as Christmas.
They gave each other gifts then at New Years.
I know more about the Russian Orthodox celebrations than she does & I am Protestant. My Mom & her siblings grew up Russian Orthodox, that is why I know some about it. We have our own version of Psyanka (I think I spelled it correctly, the beautiful Russian Easter Eggs). They are nothing like the real Russian Eggs.
She didn't even know what it was!
We take so much for granted here in our country.
We should all meet someone who grew up under communism so we appreciate our freedoms.