Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Color to Go

I finally have some pictures to share of my recycled project.  Yay!

It started with these:

Yes, an empty small first aid box, two pieces of packaging material and water bottles.  Well, I actually didn't use the water nor the bottles.  I just used the caps.  And, yes, for this project, I actually prefer these annoying little caps:

I know they are hard to open but they are the perfect size for this project.  You'll need at least nine (9) but 27 of them would be better.  You will also need some water color paints in tubes like these and, if you are into sparkly colors, a bottle of iridescent medium.

I started with the basic colors and squeezed one shade at a time into the center circle of the water bottle cap and set it aside to dry.  Yes, liquid water colors can be dried to make the traditional solid watercolors we've all used since we were itty bitty.

For the iridescent medium, I used an eye dropper and filled the cap.  This is the one that took the longest to dry as it is a much thinner liquid than the tubes of paint.  Voila:

A travel paint set.  But wait; there's more.  From the acetate packaging, I cut two squares that are slightly smaller than the box.  I used my corner chomper to round the corners and now I have two mixing palettes and an extra bonus:

Not only can I use the packaging to mix colors, I can use it to separate the three (yes, 3!) layers of color filled caps. 

Now, all I need to pack is a few paper towels, my water brush and some paper or die cuts and I can paint anywhere anytime and, because I had all the supplies on hand, it didn't cost me a penny.

How cool is that?

Until next time, may your creative time be filled with color and bliss.


Renae said...

And where are you off to with your water colors?

That is a cool idea! May have to copy if for my future RV travels.

Caroline said...

great idea!

bzyPTmom said...

Very fun idea! I'm interested to hear where you are going with your watercolors too!

Esther W-B said...

Very clever of you!