Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Hot Mess & a Rescue Too

What a day!

Have you ever noticed, when someone else in the family is having a rough day, Mom also has a rough day?

It seems today that was times 4 in this house. 

First, the hubby, the puppy and I all made it to the hubby's bus stop and were chatting when the hubby realized he forgot his bus pass at home.  So, here I am watching the hubby's lunch and the puppy and hiding behind a tree so the bus wouldn't stop.  Wouldn't you know it, the hubby came back less than 1 minute after the bus came by but he'll probably be 30 minutes late getting home because of it. Haha!

Then, our oldest couldn't decide if he should stay home from school sick or not.  He was sniffling but didn't have a fever and really wanted to play the newest song he wrote for his band teacher so going won out but not before he forgot his special spirit week pass to get out of wearing the uniform to school this week.

Yep, a return trip home to get the pass only to discover that the dog had fallen into the pool and was dripping wet.  Of course, she wanted in the house so badly too.  But, nope, back to school for the second time today with a kid who has now got his first tardy ever.

Then, when I finally get home, the wet puppy is rolling in the black dirt!  Sheesh!  So, I got the leash and the towels and threw her back into the pool.  She didn't like it but I didn't have the motivation to drag her through the whole house, give her a bath and then clean the trail all the way to the bath!!!

And all of this was before 8:20 AM!

Yet, I've rescued the day with a new file up to the store.  See:


It is great for fancy journal blocks or to frame a special photo and is also perfect for any occasion of greeting card you may need.  Even better, it comes in A2 and 5" x 7" sizes!  You can find it here.

May your day be blessed with peaceful creative bliss!

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Caroline said...

Blimey, what a start to your day!!