Friday, October 25, 2013

A Peek-A-Boo Sketch

I was able to work in a little creative time for myself this week and this is what I made:

The cardinal is on the inside of the card, hence the shadows in the picture.  How cool is that?

And here is the sketch I used.

Yes, I am offering a free sketch challenge but this one comes with a twist.  When you have finished your project, send me a link to a picture of your project and I will send you a free file.  What file do you get?  Well, right now that's a surprise even to me.  Haha!  I promise I'll make something nice.

So, where can you share your pictures?  Here are some ideas:  on Yahoo groups such as Cutter Venting, KNK, etc.; on Facebook; on your blog, etc. and yes, you can send me your pictures too.

After that, send me the link to your photo and I'll send you a little gift.  How does that sound?

As usual, while this file is offered freely here, it is still governed by my Terms of Use.  By downloading this file, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use. Thank you for sending your friends to my blog rather than sharing the file itself.  I really do appreciate it.  This file is available here.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to email me at ijr41ug @ (please take out the spaces) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Thank you, also, for your comments.  They make my day.

Until next time, may your creative time be filled with bliss.


Esther W-B said...

Your card is gorgeous - I love it! Thanks for the freebie file.

bzyPTmom said...

I also love your sketch and card. I just started a blog so I'll make my card and post it there. Is there a time limit?
We are doing the "feral cat neutering program" this weekend. It's pretty involved--we've been feeding feral cats the last 3-4 months with the goal of capturing and neutering. The babies are so darn cute--but we don't want hundreds!

Karen Sue said...

Thanks, love it, hoping to start crafting again soon, I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, but life has been crazy. Hopefully I'll get something done in the near future and I'll send you pictures.