Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Done!

After a grand total of 309 hours worked with 18 helpers, the Great Eagle Project of 2013 is finally finished!  Yay!

Bryce, with the help of his Boy Scout Troop, put in 430' of fence after ripping out some old hog wire fencing.  This was at the FWC Ocala Youth Camp.

Here's a picture of him at 5:30 AM starting to string where part of the fence was to go:

And here's one of them ripping out the old fence:

And the new fence going in:

 We hit a few snags along the way like rain, a broken generator, a broken auger, many tree roots, and, of course--for a little more fun--an old buried fence.  Here's our not so girly-girl pulling it out:

Finally, here's a group shot of the helpers (minus two people) and the representative from the FWC (Fish & Wildlife Commission):

I could show you LOTS more pictures since I took 272 photos over the two days.  I am so grateful for my digital camera and even more so that the project is done! 

Bryce has now taken his completed album with his Eagle packet for the first step in the post-project sign-offs on the road to his Scoutmaster conference and his Eagle Board of Review.  Getting closer and closer to having an Eagle Scout in our home!!!

Until next time, may you enjoy some amazing creative bliss.

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