Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Cuts

I am excited about a new design I'm working on but I don't have pictures ready to show off just yet.  So, instead, I'll try to answer a question I got yesterday.

Specifically I was asked what I look for when I'm trying to make sure my designs cut well.

So, there are several things, actually.  When it comes to text, it has to be fat enough not to tear when I take it off the mat.  I also try my best to even make sure the little dot on the lower case "i" is attached somehow.  That doesn't always work for the design but I try to do that just because I don't like losing that little dot.

For paper piecing, like that little dot, I don't like tiny pieces.  They're too easy to lose and can be a challenge in adhering them to the project.  So, I try to avoid those.  Again, that's not always possible either.

Also, all cuts should be as smooth as possible.  Even a jagged lightening bolt can have smooth corners.  To make sure of this, you have to zoom in really close and look at each path and each node.  (A path is the line the blade follows as it cuts.  A node is a point on that path where the blade makes a turn.)

Finally, sometimes a font will have extra nodes in there.  Those also have to be removed too.  And the last thing, is to simplify the design so there aren't so many nodes so your cutter doesn't have to work so hard or turn too sharply.

Of course, all of that means to test cut every piece.  If a part doesn't cut well, I fix it or it doesn't go out the door.  And, yes, I have created files that will never go out the door.  Specifically I remember one frame that I spent HOURS on to no avail.  Hey, it frustrated me so I won't let it frustrate you.  It just wouldn't be right.

Now, are there any other questions you're curious about?  Seriously.  I'd love to hear them if you do.

Until next time, may you enjoy amazing creative bliss.

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Esther W-B said...

My question isn't cutting related, but I was curious what that clear stand is that you use to photograph your cards?