Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A2 Quilt Stars

I promised you more pictures today and I keep my promises.

Remember this file?

Well, here's one of the cards I made with it.

I used large snowflake sequins and faux gems for the centers.

Now to get A2 Quilt Stars up to the store.   Update:  A2 Quilt Stars is now up to the store here.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Deb C said...

wow what a pretty card
I am afraid I didn't remember that file now I must go to the store
I am in the process of making a batch of the stained glass cards
I just love that calla lily

Esther W-B said...

Love the design and love how you used it on a card. Beautiful!

suem said...

I just love your creativity. I did have a question though, one time you said that you want to make sure that the designs cut well. What do you look for when doing that? Thanks again

Ileana said...

Generally, I don't like tiny little pieces to adhere. Take this design, for example. Rather than have 6 "petals" to adhere, I wanted just 3. Also, for words, the lettering must be thick enough that it doesn't tear for me. Sometimes I push the limits on that one but if it doesn't cut well for me, it doesn't go out the door. Finally, all my cuts must be smooth (unless it really is meant to be jagged like a lightening bolt.) If that doesn't answer your question, just let me know.