Monday, June 25, 2012

Debby & $10???

Phew!  It's been a packed couple of days with some extra nail biting moments thrown in just because.

Let me start by saying that all of us are safe and, for the most part, dry.  See, this was us this past week-end:

Debby has now overstayed her welcome and is pretty much stalled out in the Gulf so her tail is still pelting us with rain, flooding, and tornadoes too.

And now you are all going to think we are crazy.  Yep, Ilaria and I went out in that to feed the homeless with Kay's Ministry on Sunday.  And, Bryan took Bryce to summer camp right in the middle of Florida's tornado alley.  Yikes!

Yet, when Ilaria and I went out, it was just raining and pretty lightly at that.  We were never in an actual tornado warning zone and, for the price of getting wet, we were able to make a lot of people very happy. 

Our experience was also a great life lesson for Ilaria.  You see, Ilaria got to hear firsthand from a homeless man about how hard it is to be forced to live on the streets. 

In Tampa, if you want to stay inside the Salvation Army, you have to have $10 per person.  Hello?!?!?!  There's a tropical storm out there that dumped 13.5" of rain in the first 24 hours and spawned several water spouts and tornadoes!  Nope.  It doesn't matter.  No money--no shelter.

In spite of everything, every single person we saw out there was so happy to see us and so grateful even though we gave them so little.  So, yes, it was worth it.

As for Bryce, well, he has been safe and sound in the dining hall every time a tornado warning was in effect.  The last one that passed through, though, was within his sight.  Thankfully, he's no dummy and took off running for the dining hall as soon as he saw it.

Regardless, I am ready to send Debby on to anyone who will take her.  Colorado?  Anybody else?  Please come get her.  We've had enough rain now.

I hope you are safe and dry and maybe enjoying some creative bliss right now.


Renae said...

I think Colorado will take her. We are such a tinder box right now.

Kathy Serrahn said...

We would love to have some rain in southern Wisconsin, everything is getting brown, less than a half of inch of rain for this month and next 10 days are suppose to be high 90's and no rain insight

TonyaKaye said...

Here in Missouri we are so dry. They are now looking at declaring the corn/soybeans/hay (to feed the cattle) a loss! Farmers all over are hurting. Seem like either too much rain or not enought.