Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stress & Eggs?!?!?

How do you spell the word "stress?"  Here in Florida, millions of kids this week are spelling it "FCAT."  I'm not kidding!

The FCAT is a huge standardized test that oh so much is riding upon.  Every public school kid from the third grade on up has to take it.  It's a week-long ordeal too.  If a kiddo doesn't pass the test, they don't pass on to the next grade or graduate either.  Their placement in class next year is also dependent on how well or how poorly they do on the test.

Then, there's the entire school's scores too.  Yes, funding is tied to those test scores.  And real estate values too.  That's right, homes within an A-rated school's boundaries are worth more than those with lower ratings.

Crazy huh?

It gets worse--at least for me.  I am supposed to make sure our kids eat a healthy, protein rich breakfast.  In our house, with our picky eaters, that means eggs. 


I have NEVER liked eggs.  Well, except baked in brownies.  LOL! 

For years, my mom would try to get me to eat eggs and we ended up arguing about it--time and time again.  Come to find out, I am allergic to them.  No wonder I've always thought they were yucky.  Cooking them?  Well, I can do it . . . but I still think they are YUCKY!!!  Even the smell of them cooking is yucky!

Ah, but for the love of my kiddos, I'll cook eggs.

So, tell me, what yucky things do you do out of love?

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Deb c said...

Oh I hear you I really don't like eggs - especially if the yolk isn't runny any way - could you not make French toast - they get the egg and milk and bread in one - and not too hard on Mom

Kelly S said...

Good luck to your kids on their FCAT tests. I am sure they will do wonderfully.

At the moment, the yuckiest thing I do for my son out of LOVE is changing diapers. :-) Hopefully potty training will happen soon and I can get past this yucky stage.