Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mama's Addicted

I hope your Valentine's Day was pleasant.  Ours was simple and perfect at the same time.  The hubby came home and cooked us all a delicious dinner, we exchanged cards and I even got a present I've been wanting for quite some time now.

But first, the cards.  I posted several weeks ago about the cards I intended to make my hubby for Valentine's Day and our anniversary.  Wouldn't you know it?  The guy who never reads my blog just had to check out both posts.   Hmph!

So, yes, I had to come up with another quick card for him.  It was a good thing I had been playing with some stamps.  I finished coloring them and his new--never been seen before--card was made.  LOL!

As for my present, while I picked it out and ordered it myself, Hubby had to have his input on that too.  I very rarely shop online because the hubby hates to pay for shipping.  Yet, when getting my present meant giving up a couple of hours on a Saturday to drive all the way to Hobby Lobby in Lakeland, he finally caved and let me order some of what he calls "Mama Heroin."

You may remember our rabbit, Dabra, is addicted to Tasty Twigs.  Our daughter started calling them "Bunny Candy" but after watching how much Dabra loves them, the hubby started calling them "Bunny Heroin."  You can read more about what she does for it here.

Well, I don't think I rattle any cages or scratch at the door, but I guess I too must be addicted--to paper crafting supplies--because, among other supplies, this is what the hubby is calling "Mama Heroin:"

LOL!  But hey, I got a screaming deal on it because I used a 40% off coupon and I saved our Saturday afternoon for precious family time at home.

Make sure you stop by tomorrow.  I just may need your help deciding on which file to use next.

Until then, may you enjoy your own "Mama Heroin" and have some very Happy Creative Time!

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