Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Neck Deep

Phew!  We have been so busy that we're neck deep in it.

The kiddos have the week off of school and my mother, brother and nephew are here too.  We've got the week packed with fun.

Tomorrow we're going to go swim with the manatees.  Thursday is Thanksgiving, of course, and Friday we were going to the Kennedy  Space Center to watch the launch of the Mars Rover but, they delayed that by a day.  Oh, well!  It's time to make alternate plans.  Fishing?  Sea World?  Who knows?  Then, the family flies out Saturday morning.

In the meanwhile, I've been helping the family with projects.  First, my brother wanted me to update his band's logo.  Done.  Then, Ilaria's got a huge science fair project that I cut the titles for her to assemble.  Done.  Finally, Bryce needed help with his flag for his Boy Scout Patrol.  Done.  Here's what we made:

I just love my cutter and how it comes to our rescue time and again. How about you?

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Caroline said...

you are busy aren't you. Enjoy your time with family and Happy Thanksgiving!

Trisha said...

Ileana, I was just thinking of you and your wonderful family today. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for all the Veterans Day projects and programs you have shared. (I am so glad to know you are feeling a bit better, too.) Among the things I am most thankful for, is the pride and honor so many of us show for our veterans and current military personnel. I am thankful to the Lord for our hard-won freedoms, and those who fought and died to earn it and preserve it. Long may that flag of freedom wave!

In God We STILL Trust

Anna said...

Sounds so exciting. You are so bless to live where you can do some many things. And thank you for sharing with us. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!