Thursday, October 6, 2011

He Won!

Wow!  We are still so surprised and excited.

Bryce won this contest:

He's going to receive "a limited edition robotics merit badge launch patch, robotics merit badge that flew in space on the Endeavour STS-134 mission, an official Endeavour STS-134 mission patch, a photo of the shuttle crew and a certificate of authenticity."

Here's a picture of Bryce and his robot:

The boys had to physically construct the robot and program it to perform certain tasks.  It was all very cool. 

So, for him to win this contest is a great big surprise and definitely something for the scrapbook.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time! 


Lisa said...

Congrats! I bet he is so proud!!

Julie said...

Congradulations Bryce! He must get his creative genes from his mother...

Barbara said...

That's so exciting! Congratulations to Bryce! A superstar! Bravo!

Caroline said...

Congratulations Bryce!

Vicki L said...

That is AWESOME!! You must be so proud of him. That is FANTASTIC.