Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Different Perspectives

Have you ever been to a newbie's violin recital?  Have you heard someone who's never played a violin before give it a try? 

I have.  Um.  From my perspective, to put it politely, it's not quite what most people would call music but more like screeching and squawking mixed with music.  LOL!

Well, that is exactly what I expected to hear when my son invited me to his orchestra concert last week. 

You see, he and his classmates are in what is called "The Wheel" where they get to try out elective classes for 14 days.  His first two weeks was in a class that was for college prep--to learn the organization and study skills needed for college.  Now he is in Orchestra.  Next is the Technology class where they design a rocket, a paper airplane which they use in a competition, etc.  Once they have experienced each class, they then choose their elective for the rest of the school year.

So, Bryce and his classmates (about 25 of them) had played their violins for exactly 13 days.  Let me tell you, I was astounded.  I had heard good things about his teacher--from every employee where my kiddos take music lessons--but, I think they were not giving an accurate description of the teacher's skill.

They played about 6 different songs and each one was recognizable with not even one screech nor squawk.  In fact, I heard only one mistake in the whole thing and that was when one kid started to play too soon.  I was amazed. 

Here's Bryce for his solo:

and here is the teacher:

Now, to give you an added touch of perspective.  That is the same woman that Bryce told me was an old lady.  LOL!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!

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Anna said...

Wow more talent. It just keeps coming. :) Congrats!!!