Monday, September 26, 2011

An Intruder

Wow!  We had an exciting week-end.  What about you?

First, let me say that all of us are safe.  We're a bit perplexed, but we're fine.

We're also very security conscious.  When both of your hubby's jobs involve defending and protecting our country, well, that mindset carries over to your personal life.

We never advertise when we're going to be away--not even when just some of us will be gone.  So, with that said, why is it that almost all my "adventures" happen when the hubby is gone?!!!

So, the guys went camping with the Boy Scouts while we girls stayed home.  For girl-time, Ilaria and I were watching a dvd.  Dabra, our rabbit, had had enough of the air conditioning and wanted to go outside into our pool enclosure where she can get out of her cage and be free.  So, I had Ilaria move her cage outside.  If you haven't seen our pool screen room, here are some pictures.  

Now, Ilaria was very into the movie and she forgot to open Dabra's cage.  Normally, this would hack the rabbit off but, this time, it was a very good thing.

Shortly after Ilaria put Dabra's cage outside, our masked intruder made his appearance.  Here's a picture of one of his relatives:

He had found the dog door in the screen and was approaching the dog door that opens into the house!!!  As soon as I jumped up to turn on the light, he took off running. 

Knowing that raccoon's can carry rabies and can be mean little things when they are cornered.  I wouldn't let Ilaria  go outside.  Instead, I did what any startled woman would do,  I told her to go get me the baseball bat.  LOL!

Hey!  It was dark outside and I didn't know if the raccoon was still in our pool enclosure!  I knew I had to go outside to open the regular door just in case the raccoon was still in there.  So, armed with my best flashlight and the heaviest baseball bat we own, I peeked out the window and very cautiously headed outside.

I don't know what I would have done had that raccoon came at me!  Fortunately, I did not have to find out.  I searched the whole screened room--behind the grill, in the pool, in the hot tub, behind the chest of pool toys and accessories. 

No raccoon!  Phew!!! 

But . . . that means he was smart enough to not only get in the dog door but out as well.  We're so lucky he didn't come into the house!

Hmm.  Why was he in there in the first place?  How many times has he visited us and we didn't even notice?

My hubby thinks his visit is another example of inter-species dating.  LOL!  Me, I'm not so sure.  What I do know is that the dog door into our house will be blocked and locked every night.  Our bunny now sleeps in the house too.

But my "adventure" doesn't end there. 

Hubby was gone for two nights and, wouldn't you know it;  the raccoon came back the second night! 

Yes, I had my baseball bat handy. LOL!  It must be a really scary bat because our masked intruder ran out the dog door immediately.

So, yes, we're thankful we are all safe and the hubby is not allowed to leave me home alone any time soon, bat or no bat.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Renae said...

Thank goodness he ran away. You are right, they can be VERY mean when cornered or "sick". Glad to hear all are okay. Keep that bat by the back door!

Anna said...

Oh my stars. LOL You may find Billy the Exterminator's phone number LOL We have had them around the outside of the house eating cat food but that is close enough...Glad all is well now :)

Yelowflower said...

OH MY!!! That is SO cute! You done good girlfriend!

Thought you might like to read about my 'adventure' one day when the hubby was at work. If so, go here.

thanks for sharing, I LOVED it!

Julie said...

They are really smart critters (not to mention cute when they are outside!) Glad you saw him before he got too far inside. Bet you didn't sleep too good that night.

Caroline said...

who would've thought that something so cute looking to invoke such terror! Your intruder sounds as though he caused as much trauma as the feral cats that keep hanging around our place terrorising our poor cats! Keep up the Security work, you sound as though you are a natural!