Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have just had the idea of the world.  It would make millions and millions of dollars.  An invention that will streamline meetings so they aren't so long and painful.

I know you are laughing but I also know you have personally experienced that pain at one point or another in your life.  LOL!

We went to our annual Sunday School on Wednesday Night training meeting tonight.  We got our materials for the year and are set to start next month.  The class will be fun and we're looking forward to it.

Yet, that meeting wore me out.  Isn't it funny that meetings tend to do that too?  LOL!  Hmm.  Maybe I'll need to make two inventions.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Trisha said...

I'm so sorry to see that you haven't been feeling well. Especially now that you could have a little more play time on your own with school started. Hope you will be doing better very soon. Thanks for the recipe, I use something very similar, but stuff the peppers. This sounds so much easier. We just got back from a week vacation, and I'm checking in on all my favorites to see what I missed. Have a happy Labor Day.

Barracudasue said...

I'm soon to find out exactly what you mean. I'm about to take a 13 week course on money management which I so totally need. My DH and I will be taking it together so it's going to be SO beneficial for us. I just pray I don't fall asleep in the middle of it....I'm getting up at 2 in the morning for work and the classes don't start until 6:30 at night at the Church so....I'll have to take a nap to stay up until the 2 hour classes are over! Then the drive home...oh boy, I'm going to be one tired puppy!