Monday, June 13, 2011

Over the Top

We've reached another milestone.  The kiddos are finally on summer vacation and our oldest has now finished fifth grade.

Do you remember finishing 5th grade?  I do.  Mr. Baker handed me my report card and I got on the school bus and went home.

Well, let me tell you times have really changed.  Now, it's a big deal--a LOT bigger than I ever would have thought.  They call it a graduation and have a small banquet and pass out goody bags and everything.  I'm not kidding.

Here's a picture of our "graduate:"
The staff is laughing because he did NOT want to hug his teacher.

And here's another of him in his construction paper mortar board:

And here are two of the vehicles that showed up in carline:

I have to wonder two things.  First, how are these families going to top that when their kid graduates from high school or college?  Second, how many homeless people could they have fed instead?

One part of the "ceremony" that I thought was really neat was the dvd they played.  Each parent was asked to send in a kindergarten picture of their kid.  This was then followed by a current picture with what the kids want to be when they grow up.  It was fun to see how much the kids had changed and what they want to be as adults.

That brings me to my next contest.  What do you think Bryce said he wants to be when he grows up?  I'll give you three (3) guesses.  The first person to guess correctly will win a free file of their choice and, as usual, all the guessers will go into a drawing for another free file.

So, what do you think?  (Yeah, I know you want clues, but the only clue I can think of would give it away completely.)

Until next time, Happy Creative Time.


Kelly S said...

I remember finishing 5th grade and just like you, we were handed our report cards and went home. No big fuss. My how times have changed. They even have "graduations" for kindergarteners.

For my 3 guesses: (1) a military man like his Dad; (2) a teacher; (3) a veterinarian.

bzyPTmom said...

I agree--totally over the top! It amazed me at the nonsense parents went through for kindergarten and JR. high graduation. Hmm--my 3 guesses--Bryce wants to be the driver of one of those ridiculous huge limos, he wants to join the military like his Dad, he wants to be a teacher because he had such a great one this year.

Sue aka barracudasue said...

GREAT pictures of Bryce's "graduation" and I totally agree with you about those stretch limos! OMGosh!

What does Bryce want to be when he grows up....well, let's see: teacher, lawyer, or something to do with the space program! I see very positive things for him.

Thanks for sharing those pictures! No hoopla for me either when I got out of 5th grade. Here's your report card now go home and enjoy your summer! LOL

Kathy Serrahn said...

We were given our report card and told to have a wonderful summer
My three guesses are, military man, teacher or engineer.

Anonymous said...

I'd guess he wants to be an Air Force pilot. The limos are ridiculous. They are probably smart for prom night, but other than that, kids do not need such nonsense. It's ostentacious, pretentious and downright snarky to the others. Graduation has lost some of its meaning when it occurs between grade school and middle school. Kids were told to hug their teachers? I would have refused, too!

Julie said...

I think it is crazy when parents spend hundreds of dollars on prom limos and such but 5th grade. What message does that send - oh, my gosh we are so proud of you - you completed 5th grade. Like there was another option? I'm all for having a party or ceremony even if you want - they are moving on to the next stage in their life but how do you top that - you didn't drop out of high school so we are sending you and your friends on a cruise?

I'd have to guess the same as Kelly other than I'd make vet my first pick and then military and then teacher.

Thanks for sharing the fun.

Ginger (Games) said...

wow, what were they thinking? I to remember getting my grades ans heading to the bus.

Bryce would love these big cars but I think he wants to be a military man, someone who helps people (everyone less fortunate), or inventor/engineer.