Friday, May 6, 2011

Frilly Doily II

Wow!  It's going to be a beautiful, big day here today.  If you're in a praying mood, I'd appreciate one for us today so that I can give you great news in the near future.  I sincerely hope and pray all is going well for you too. 

It's also a big week-end all around:  National Scrapbooking Day and Mother's Day too.  So, do you have any fun plans in the works?  For us, it's going to be some fun father/son and mother/daughter time and then some family time too.  The guys have Boy Scout stuff to do so the girls will have some fun shopping and playing with paper together.  It doesn't get much better than that.

As for Mother's Day, I just have to give a shout out to my mom.  When my father went blind, she had to take on the huge responsibility of supporting a family of 7 all on her own.  We weren't rich financially, but she always made sure we had everything we needed and we were so much richer in many other ways that count much more than money.  I am forever grateful for her.

Now, since it is both National Scrapbooking Day and Mother's Day, what is your favorite memory of your mother? Or, if you prefer, what is your favorite memory of being a mom?  I'd love to hear your stories and, to offer you a bit of incentive, I'll be holding a random drawing of all those who comment for a little prize.

And here's another little present for you:

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Happy Creative Time!


Kelly S said...

Thanks for another beautiful file, Ileana! I hope you have a terrific weekend and Mother's Day.

One of my favorite memories of my mother is anytime we would bake together. She is a fabulous baker and helping her in the kitchen, especially as a little girl, were always some of my happiest memories.

I have only been a mom for a little while, but my favorite memory so far is watching Alex take his first steps. He is such a big boy! I am so proud.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any fond memories of my mother - we just didn't get on - but my own memory is when my DS was born several weeks early. He was a Caesar, but was a good weight; even so he had many premie problems and my hospital room looked down on the SCBU and straight into his little space with his incubator. Even though the windows were frosted glass I could see the care and devotion he received, as I stood night after night looking down on him and praying all would be well. He thrived, thank the Lord, and is now 32, 6 feet 3 ins tall and a wonderful, intelligent and thoughtful son that my DH and I are so proud of. I swore that I would not be the mother my own mother was, and the relationship I have with my children seems to say that I have kept my promise. Thank you for the free file Ileana, and enjoy Mothers Day and the quality time you will obviously spend with your daughter.


Sue aka barracudasue said...

SUPER file, Ileana! Thank you SO very much!

My favorite memory of MY mom was when she was my Brownie Leader! She would also go on ALL the field trips we went to in school! THAT was FUN!

As a Mom, my FAVORITE thing was becoming a GRANDMA! There's NOTHING like it on earth! Both of my darling kids have made me a grandma and that's MY favorite thing about being a MOM! :) There's not enough room here to tell you ALL my favorite things about being a MOM! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Hope you have a wonderful Mothers day. You girls will enjoy the paper time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun file--maybe I can use it to actually make the Mother's day card that I haven't made yet.

ONE of my favorite things about being a mom is when my kids are so excited to share their accomplishments with me. Whether it is a goal they scored, a test they aced or just finishing the sippy cup of milk so they can have a Skittle.

Happy Mother's day to all!


TonyaKaye said...

Thank you for the file. I have a project in mind for this .. now to find the time to play!

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was little, we were supposed to go on a picnic. Lo and behold the day of the event - it was pouring rain! But my Mom didn't let a little rain dampen her spirits or mine, and spread a blanket out in the living room with the furniture pushed back and we "picnicked" in the living room watching it pour and hearing the roar of thunder. She has been gone for 11 years, but she is still uppermost in my thoughts and heart
Jan W. (aka jlwclanfam)

bzyPTmom said...

Thanks for a super file and hope you have an amazing Mom's day.

I remember my Mom baking when I was a child, she made the best Swedish rye bread, it always filled the house with such a rich aroma!

Anna said...

Thank you so much for the awesome file. I hope your weekend is awesome. Hmm wonder what you have to tell us??
One of my favorite memories of my sweet mom was how she loved to cook and watch her family eat it up.
I'm like Sue the best part of being a mom is becoming a mamaw. :D Love it but I also love being a mom LOL
Andi...I loved reading your story and how God has moved in your life.

Vicki said...

You are in my prayers, Ileana. Looking forward to good news!

Thanks so much for the beautiful file!!

One of my favorite memories of being a mom was when my 3 year old daughter told me that when she got married they were going to have me living with them, becasue she never wanted to be away from me. Cute, right?! LOL! Now she's 28 and she and her husband bought the house across the alley. We still love to hang out togther.

Esther W-B said...

Thank you for the beautiful doily! Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day.

Trisha said...

Thanks for this very pretty file, Ileana. One of my favorite memories of my Mom was when she showed me how to follow the words in the church hymnal. I'm thankful she is still with us to celebrate Mother's Day together.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Ileana!

Dawn said...

Beautiful file Ileana.
I think my favorite mom moment was just after my DH and I had gotten married. I was working the Saturday before Mother's day (and scheduled for Mother's day). The local florist delivered a simple but beautiful pot filled with marigolds, snapdragons, and petunias. The card was signed by my DH and "our" daughters. Simply stated "here's something from your's, mine and now our's).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fabulous file, Ileana. Have a GREAT Mother's Day.

One of my favorite memories of my mom was always July 4th. She always bought a ton of fireworks and was the area pyrotechnic before they even knew the word. Once a bottle rocket chased her, and she had to dive in the ditch to escape. But it all turned out well. She made all holidays fun for us kids.

As a mom my fondest memories are of taking the kids on vacations. Even now, I look forward to going on vacations with our children. Always lots of laughs, arguing, and just plain fun.

Lynn C.

Candice Piek said...

Thank you very much for the beautiful file!! Enjoy you Mother's Day.

Cherbear said...

Thank you!

patchworkhen said...

Very pretty! Thank you for sharing.

My favorite thing about being a mom is having grandkids!

blessings, patchworkhen

Marg said...

Thanks for the file. Being a mother does have its ups and downs, however, the best moment I have had was when my daughter was alder (late 20's) and said that she had been so proud of me when she was younger and would tell her friends this. Of course she didn't tell me at the time. What preteen would say that to their mother :<)

Sandy B said...

I had a wonderful mother and so many wonderful memories but one of the ones I remember was of her and the neighbor spending so much time crocheting and sewing doll clothes for my dolls. But everyone loved her and she was the best!
Praying for whatever your needs are this weekend Ileana, and thank you for the nice file.
My son's came over today and remade a planter out front that was in desperate need to be rebuilt. Thank you wonderful sons!
Happy Mothers Day!

sharonscraps said...

I love this file. Thanks you so much!

Cheri said...

Thank you for your pretty cutting file.

Lisa Avolio said...

Love the file- thanks!
Hard to pick one best memory. My mom taught me (and my scout group) how to embroider, plus she taught me to sew and drove me to countless violin, piano, and voice lessons. She loved to share flowers from her garden, especially the roses which Dad helped grow, and we would give them to school or music teachers. I am trying to continue doing those things with my own kids.

Sue in CT said...

Thanks for sharing....I love it.

Sue in CT said...

Sorry....I hit send before I wrote about my mom. You know, I have tons of memories about my mom as she only passed 7 1/2 years ago. When I was growing up I use to think I had a horrible time of it. I thought back then that so much was wrong with my family I couldn't wait to be old enough to move out and when that day came, I moved. Funny thing is when I did grow up I realized I had a good childhood. Sure there were problems and who don't have them...all and all, I had a good childhood and I was the one with the "problems". My best memory of my mom is the day I explained that to her and thanked her for being there through it all (even when I was a brat) and told her I loved her. (Just so you know, once I did "grow up" we had a very tight relationship. It is just too bad we didn't before then.)